What was born as a flagship little by little became a true creative hub of designers and important showcase of Colombian design from the premise that unity is strength.

Impact the eclectic curatorship of pieces to dress the woman from head to toe literally-from hats to shoes-jewelry, purses, ready-to-wear and bath dresses that all have something in common: they do not fit into the conventional.

Nowadays, the multi-brand boutique is a reference point for fashion in the Capital, and it is the obligatory stop for those seeking the freshest and most avant-garde of national design, all under one roof.


For the brands to not compete with each other, the process of curatorship of the house is thorough, each of the designers has been chosen for the innovation in their designs, attention to detail and the love with which each product is made.

The purpose of the space is to show Colombian talent and promote the growth of the national industry, without denying the possibility of knowing brands with unique proposals that have been found around the world.